What are the Different Types of Infographics Available?

Nowadays there are a number of different types of infographics to serve different purposes or audiences. For example, a viral infographic might be used to promote a brand to as large an audience as possible, while an educational infographic could be used to help explain technical concepts. In this article, we take a look at some of the most common types of infographics and what they can be used for. […]

How Useful are Infographics for SEO?

In this blog post, we look at the SEO value that infographics can provide webmasters, as well as clarifying some of the issues raised by Google’s head of web spam team, Matt Cutts. How Can Infographics Benefit your SEO? The main way that well researched and designed infographics can improve your SEO is by having your infographic picked up by major news sites and other webmasters and giving credit you […]

How to Promote an Infographic Successfully

A well produced infographic can be a great tool for businesses, whether its to increase traffic and brand awareness; or simply to generate backlinks and citations for PR and SEO. However, while a visually creative infographic with incredible stats can be a good investment, it still requires traffic and promotion to help it go viral. In order to promote an infographic successfully, we recommend using a variety of outreach tools […]